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Online Opsec

A quick and dirty crash course

  1. Never use the same username twice.
    • This may be common sense for some, but using the same username (or similar) across multiple sites makes it easier to track you. An old username of mine used to give 40 pages of results on Google before I decided to diversify. In the activist scene, we are generally not involved to make a name for ourselves; making it easy for complete strangers to learn as much as possible about us is not very useful.
    • In my opinion, the best usernames are simple, common nouns – especially on smaller websites. Simple names like “flower” or “towel” or “hat” are usually more personal than names like “xXantifa_soldier1312Xx” and say very little about who you are.
  2. Don't use Google or Google products.
    • Instead, use mail providers such as protonmail, Riseup, tutanota, safe-mail – or better yet, find a geek that hosts their own email. Gmail is a cop. Google Docs is a cop – use etherpad instead.
    • This applies to Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and other major league email servers as well.
    • For bonus points, learn to use pgp for an extra layer of security.
    • Need to search the web? Try Duck Duck Go, Startpage, or Searx.
    • For a Youtube alternative, try if you want to see copies of Youtube videos without ads that can easily be downloaded, or Peertube for something else altogether.
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